The Many Dole Products We Enjoy

By Becky Ringler

Dole Products: Leading the World in Fruits and Vegetables

Founded in 1851 on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Dole quickly rose to the top being the largest producer and marketer of fresh fruits and vegetables.Dole Products also include dates and raisins. Being able to get a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on the product line helps set Dole apart. You can get Dole products canned, frozen or fresh making their fruits and vegetables years round.

Fruits and Fruit Products Dole distributes many fruits and fruit products. These products include:

*Whole Fruits (Berries, Pineapple and Bananas) *Fruits bowls *Fruit bars and juices *Fruit parfaits *Fruits Crisps *Canned Fruits *Banana dippers *Smoothie Shakers


*Whole Vegetables *Salad Kits *Salad Shreds

Other products being produced by Dole include fruits squish'ems, real fruits bites and nutrition plus. They are always trying to find ways to attract children by giving them fun ways to add healthy snacks to their diets. Dole also takes part in actively founding better nutrition and health education programs for children. In 1998 Dole tried their hand in fresh flowers having bought out several growers in Columbia. However, this business risk did not pay off as they started to lose money in flowers and by January 2009 they sold the flower line to a group of private investors.

Where Dole products come from exactly was investigated in 2008. Researchers have determined that most of the fruit being produced came from Sunburst Farm's factories based in Japan and China. However, according to Dole, the company does business in 90 or more countries world wide which provide jobs to 36,000 full time year round employees. Also The company is able to employ approximately 23,000 additional seasonal employees. In 2011 investigators have continued to explore where exactly Dole products come from and what factories are involved as the actual manufacturers of Dole.

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